Obsessio of Towada

Buckwheat flour

Towada, Aomori Prefecture
We use the "Hashikamiwase" variety, which is well suited to Aomori Prefecture's climate and has a great reputation for its flavor and aroma.
We contractually cultivate it in the mountainous areas around Lake Towada and transport it to Tokyo daily to provide freshly ground and handmade soba.
You can enjoy its simple and rustic texture, firm and chewy texture accompanied by the pleasant aroma of the soil.

Water from Ryusendo

Iwaizumi, Iwate Prefecture
Ryusendo Cave is one of Japan's top three limestone caves and is designated as a national natural monument.
It features a breathtakingly clear underground lake with a vivid blue color, known as the “Ryusendo Water” The water from Ryusendo Cave is also utilized as a source of drinking water.
We are using that clear water luxuriously for making soba noodles.

Kuretsubo Kabu

Produced in Tono, Iwate Prefecture
The Kuretsubo district in Tono City is known for a unique variety of turnip. It is a long-rooted white turnip that has a distinct spiciness and flavor. It is commonly grated and used as a condiment for dishes like soba noodles and sashimi.
The grated form, especially using the pale green upper part, has an appealing visual presentation and is highly appreciated for enhancing the overall dish.

local sake

Tohoku Region Specialty products of each prefecture
We have a selection of local sakes that are widely enjoyed in the Tohoku region, including “Shichiriki” available exclusively in seven liquor stores in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, "Maruhi" and "Kariho" from Akita Prefecture, "Urakasumi Zen" from Miyagi Prefecture, and "Gassanryu" from Yamagata Prefecture.
The enjoyment of these regional sakes, as well as the experience of comparing different types of sake with our dishes.
Please give them a try and experience the rich variety of sake from the Tohoku region.


product of Kazuno, Akita Prefecture
We offer a limited-time accent to our soba dishes with the locally cultivated daikon radish from the Matsudate Hachimantai, Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture. This daikon has been grown in the area for a long time. The "squeezed juice" of this daikon has a unique flavor and an extremely strong spiciness. It is a representative local specialty known as a grated radish exclusively used for seasoning.
We are pleased to provide it as a seasonal addition to our soba dishes.

Akkaji Daikon

Produced in Tono, Iwate Prefecture
Akkaji Daikon is a traditional vegetable that has been passed down through generations in the Kanbu-kai Akka district. It is known for its low water content and high fiber, which gives it excellent storage capabilities. It has a strong spiciness along with a subtle sweetness.
The grated form of Akkaji Daikon, called "Momiji Oroshi," is vibrant and serves as an ideal condiment for soba noodles and tempura, especially as a spicy radish garnish.